Bay Area Home Improvement ideas for the fall

As seasons change, there are some home improvement projects that you can easily accomplish yourself as well as a few that you can hire us to do. We have compiled a small list for you as well as a link to a great slideshow from Better Homes and Gardens.

Pipe Insulation – Some people say this is not necessary where we live, but why risk it? A broken pipe can mess up your morning quicker than a BART strike, plus the cost of repair can be substantially more than a simple scheduled inspection by us.

Ceiling and Attic Insulation
– Save money and stay warm. You could be potentially wasting hundreds of dollars in energy costs every year. Let is get up there and inspect it.

Electrical Checkup – Do you have a breaker that trips every time you vaccuum, dry your hair, or use power tools? Before you start plugging in extra lights for Christmas and breaking out the crock pots and other appliances for those holiday meals, let us come by and make sure your family is safe and sound.

Gutter Cleaning
– Make sure that this is done by mid November. You don’t want to have to call for service because your yard is flooded due to poor drainage.

Caulking Windows and Cracks – Wake up early one morning and run your hand near the inside trim of your windows and doors. Chances are you feel a chill. Let us stop by and examine your home exterior.

window caulking as a wintertime home improvement project by RB Handyman Services

Check out this link to Better Homes and Gardens –

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